John + Ashley’s Wedding Day Highlights!

This beautiful wedding day was a dream to do video for! The setting was on the southern tip of California in San Diego, probably the closest thing to picture-perfect weather every day of the year! The bride paid such careful attention to all of the details! The trolley that the bridal party rode from location to location was such a fun classic touch! I could go on and on! This couple was full of spunk and their love was positively contagious!

We LOVED what this bride had to say about her wedding day experience!

“I was one of those brides that swore she didn’t “need” a videographer. I was dedicated to staying on budget and a videographer seemed crazy. About 3 weeks before the wedding I had a minor freak out and decided I “had” to have a videographer.

When I talked to my coordinator she said that the one thing she regretted was not having a videographer at her wedding which made me even more crazed. Luckily, on of my bridesmaids had a cousin-in-law who did wedding videos and for a reasonable price. I had somewhat low expectations with how it was last minute and I didn’t really review their work, I was just happy it was all going to be recorded.”

To say I was blown away would be an understatement.

“hey had a highlights video out to us 3 weeks after our wedding and I was in tears watching it.

Reliving the wedding in a 3 minute video is something I will cherish and I am so so so happy that I made that last minute decision.

Of course the photos will be up all over the house but I know what my husband and I will be watching on our anniversary every year….you spend so much time and energy planning every detail of your wedding, its nice to be able to watching it on film. I 100% recommend Lark Productions…

Andrea and Luke are heaven-sent

and I couldn’t imagine not having the amazing video they put together of our wedding..check it out for yourself!” – The Bride!!! <3

Enjoy this fun video!

I’d appreciate it if you would be willing to turn up the volume, turn the quality setting to the highest possible level, wait a little while for it to load (especially if you are out in the country like me), and ENJOY! Love it? Send this couple some words of love! You know how! Like, comment, share <3

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