5 Ways to Vacation with Children!

Maybe you are a better planner than I am. No, let me rephrase that. You are most definitely a better vacation planner than I! Why? Because I like to feel the thrill of spontaneity during our family outings and the not-knowing is part of the adventure!
Unlike our photography experiences, where there are plans in place to minimize stress and anxiety, I like my vacations packed with the discovery of the unknown!

We will plan our destination, and perhaps a wishlist of sites, and then we set out with adventurous memories as our goal! But rather than making fast plans there are some ‘guidelines’ as it were that could help your vacation be smooth, or at least smoothER, with little children!

  1. Fuel for the fire to keep the crabby-wabbies at bay!

A little snack can be the difference between screams of protest and calm peaceful coos delight. You might think I’m joking, well I am partially, but you should hear babygirl the second hour into a snack-less ride. Raisins are my best friend when it comes to giving her something to chew one that also wont overdo the sugar intake.


    1. Extra clothes. Extra Clothes. EXTRA CLotheS!


You never know when you will need extras of those! It is a sad day in January when you have dirty wet clothes and no change. It makes an oppsies- I just spilled a whole glass of water on your lap into a “no biggie little baby – I have fresh everything.”  It basically enables calm mommy responses 😊


  1. Make time to enjoy the little moments

Because real life happens in those little moments and some day you will realize it’s the little things that were actually the big things. Like, sandwiches on the picnic blanket. Pointing out butterflies instead of sticking to a schedule. Matching your pace to their pace.

  1. Give Grace

Give the kids grace when they are crabby, give yourself grace when you don’t respond in picture-perfect patience. Nothing in this life is perfect so don’t expect your vacations to always feel like a dream-worth Instagram feed. This is real life! It’s full of not-so-pretty things as well as beautiful moments.


  1. Unplug

The rest of the world can wait to see about your amazing trip. You should take a moment to soak it in with your own eyes because a picture might be worth a thousand words… but having the wisdom to be in the moment enjoying it is priceless. ❤ ❤



The photos were taken from our recent vacation to Duluth, MN! It was beautiful and I always recommend visiting there during the fall colors! <3

Holding my babies and savoring the moment. -2018

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