Orange City Iowa Senior Guy Photos

When I was called about these senior photos I was so excited! I got to meet new people, shoot in a new setting, and explore new backdrops! Little did I know that I would also get to learn a TON about Celtic’s basketball! FUN!

Basketball is the name of the game!

This young man is a serious fan! It is such a great experience to get to meet people, learn about their stories, hear about what interests them, and get to capture some of that excitement!

I think that some of his best smiles when I would make some basketball joke! ­čÖé

Senior year!!

The anticipation of change and freedom seem to permeate these pictures. The students are always so full of life with a fresh future lying just around the corner! I think that is one of my favorite parts of taking senior year photos!! There is this energy and vitality that is so unique to that stage of life and it is very precious and fleeting!

I love photographing Senior Men because they radiate potential. Each one of them has this chance to go out and change the future of any and every person that they meet! They are like these flickering candles bursting with light and warmth! It is a really wonderful thing to see the potential of every person you meet and I look forward to seeing what the bright future is for this senior! It was such a fun session full of laughs and joy! <3

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