A Christmas Kindness

A Christmas Kindness and a couple of thoughts that probably all run together with terrible grammar and punctuation… (yikes that title is too long! I better shorten it!)

Coloring Bible with Iowa Photographer, Andrea Kreykes

And now a note about the pictures! I’m stretching my Dark & Moody editing skills today! Usually I’m lighter and brighter but something about the style of the books lent them so beautifully to full-sun high contrast prettiness!

For many years of my childhood my brothers and I were on different wave-lengths! I’m sure all youngest-of-the-family-only-daughters understand! But one wonderful thing about getting older is that suddenly you both learn to speak the same language Adultish (the form of communication where Adults speak civilly to each other).

This year for Christmas

I felt so UNDERSTOOD! My brother gave me an illuminating gift (Ha! Pun!) that combines two wonderful things: Devotions & Drawing! This beautiful set is an ESV New Testament that has scripture on one side and the other side of the page is open for doodle-note-taking!
They are so pretty that I had to share them with you! 🙂 He bought one for his daughter, one for his wife, and one for me (his baby sister!). I will certainly treasure them! 😊

I know, I know we just finished gift season but I’m telling you it never hurts to pre-plan a wedding gift, Valentine’s Day gift, Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s day because this set is now 50% off at this link!!

(Note: I don’t get any money for telling you this, just a public service announcement!)



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As always, thanks for coming and reading my blog! I hope we’ve left you feeling inspired and or at least a little happier!

Lastly, a glimpse from a future blog post on our photography style choices:

Classic, Elegant, Timeless, Romantic.

These are the words that I style my work after because these are the aesthetic values that really ‘speak to me’. I style my photography this way, I try to style my hair, my wardrobe, my home décor, my vocabulary choices, and even how we chose the names for our children all seem to be influenced by this set of style values…  (to be continued..)


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