The Re-brand Project

LARK was named as a combination of our initials – Luke Ross & Andrea Lynn Kreykes
We created the name while we were engaged & etched it into our lives like one might etch initials into a tree*.

Kreykes (Kray-kiss)

MEANS: Little Crow, notice the bird motif growing?
FAMILY TREE: Size of an 200 year old Oak (meaning we have a LOT of relatives)

Calling this step a rebranding is a bit of a misnomer (I love that word). It really has been more of a process of focusing the brand and having brand clarity. Since it is a business made up of two people, it should probably represent both parties equally. In hindsight, our previous logo reflected me a lot more than it represented Luke and it was time for a change!

My descriptors: Romantic, fun, light, and earthy
Luke’s descriptors: Classic, clean-cut, and black & white
So those descriptors have become some of the words we build our business on. Romantic & Classic, Clean & Fun, Light & Earthy, and Black & White.


I really think that finding a style that is a visual representation of who we are will help us serve our clients better! It will help us give more consistant results so that clients photoshoot expectations = their photoshoot reality! 🙂 We want happy customers every. single. time. and that comes from us improving our brand, our consistancy, and our customer relations! 🙂


*Trees: There is a lot of symbolism to the tree… so much so that I have another blog post on the symbolism of the tree branch in our logo!


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