Studio Goals, In Sanborn!

Studio in the works!

2019 has some serious life & business goals! One of those goals is upgrading our in-home studio options! So, I’ve started to brainstorm what would be the best service to you, our clients! Here are a couple items in the mix.

Better backdrop options!

I can’t wait to share with you the two handmade options that Luke has been working on! I really like images to appear comfortable. Some posed, some candid, and we really needed a better space than our living room to make that happen!


Better flooring!!

I may or may not have sent my verry wonderful husband out shopping this morning at 6 am to make sure we had the upgrade for today’s photogshoot! (You’re the best dear!! I definitely owe you some cookies!!)   What I love about this addition is that it looks a lot like pretty hardwood floors but with the quick roll-up and store option!


Cozy space.

We want the space to be welcoming to both people who we already know and comfortable for new friends! We are making sure there are some toys for the kids, heat for the babies, and a nearby bathroom!


Right Price!

We KNOW what it’s like just after baby 1,2, or 3 comes and every single time there are new items to purchase and maybe even 10,000 pacifiers to try to get just one. more. hour. of. sleep! We get it, we’ve been there! That is why, until our client base demands it, we are sticking with an in-home studio. It means less babysitter time, less real estate expense, insurance, heating, cooling, print sales, drive time, mortgage … whew! I knew you’d understand! Keeping our overhead costs lower helps us serve our clients better! Our top priority is you!

If you are new to LARK and us we would love to take photos of you and your family! Contact us today for more information and check out our Portraits page!

Enjoyed the photos? They are a sneak peek from our most recent studio session! Isn’t he a cutie! This family is so amazing and it is always such a pleasure to get to capture their delightful personalities!

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