Paullina Family Portraits

There I was, it was early December and I was standing in a room of people where I only knew about 10% of them! A wild thought occurred to me, I should make it my goal to meet all of them! Yikes! That’s like 40 people! 🙂 The real struggle would be to remember all of their names! I think I made it to about 50% of the room before the clock struck 10:30, my mommy-bed time. In this thrilling whirlwind of meeting new people I had the chance to meet lovely, vivacious, Tonya (and her husband)! That conversation led us here!

This family braved the 18 degrees and frigid wind this last Saturday to get some family portraits in Paullina, Iowa!

I had the amazing pleasure of photographing this stylish family in Paullina, Iowa. T’was the weekend after Christmas in pretty chilly conditions but their warm personalities shone all the brighter! <3 Lake Paullina is one of my favorite spots in these neck of the woods!

And their dogs!

And the details are amazing!

When you are this stylish, you get extra Instagram-worthy snapshots!

Thank you so much for giving me the chance to photograph your beautiful family!

For those of you who are new to LARK photo + Video, welcome! We are so excited to have ou here! If you have a moment check us out our Portrait or Wedding Portfolios! <3

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