Personal Goals for 2019

My personal goals look a lot like my professional goals because those two worlds are very intertwined at our house! Sometimes it feels like the LARK photo + video is just one big extension of who we are as a family! Romantic, a little funny, people-loving, and creative people. In fact, the other day I caught my younger two babies out of their beds an hour past bedtime! What were they doing? Cuddling in the toddler bed! It was so precious I didn’t know whether to send them back to bed or join them! That leads me to goal number 1!Iowa Wedding Videographer

Love more!

Day to day: More cuddle time! Yes, this people-loving/romantic/cuddle-bug of a lady needs some more of that quality snuggle time that comes when you curl up with someone you love! This might seem too intimate of a personal goal to put on a blog but I guess I just don’t have enough of a filter! Ha. A big reason for this goal is that I see my babies growing up waaaay too quickly and those snuggly moments are going to be gone in the next couple years! That’s just part of life! But, I don’t want to reach my elder years with the regret of not enjoying the moments with my babies!

Worry Less!

This is a big one for me! I stress about things because I’m a people-pleaser and I want to make everyone happy! That sometimes looks like editing two different things at the same time, while making cinnamon rolls for Luke, while playing chase with the boys! I’d like to take stress out of the picture and I’d like to throw mom-guilt out the door! Every day my creative brain can paint the picture of the perfect mom who would raise the perfect children and I need to shut the door on that train of thought. I’ll never be perfect! That’s not how I was made. Instead, I’d like to do the best with what I’ve been given!

Time management

This one is a doozy! Do you ever feel like social media is like that quote from the movie The Princess Bride “I’ve just sucked one year of your life away. How does that make you feel” * whimper*.  Sometimes I’ll look back on the day and think ‘I worked so hard, what did I get done?’ I’ve read that the solution to that problem is in fact having a better schedule and stopping the time-wasting web-browsing. ß That is a good goal. Write it down! 😉


I’ve long had a wish to go through my whole Church’s directory and have ever single person in it over to my house! Ambitious and daunting but what a wonderful thing to host so many different people and really dedicate ourselves to having intentional fellowship with those outside of our comfort zone! There is a man, Carl Larson, that Luke & I met while filming at LifeLight when we were first married and he & his wife have been such an inspiration to us! I’d like to host/fellowship/love that way!

Personal Development

Exercise? Yes.

Marathon? No.

Half-marathon? Maybe

No carbs & sugars? I had a cookie yesterday and it’s January 2, I think that’s a no.

But physical training & healthy eating are just a small piece of the pie diagram for my 2019 goals. My biggest goal of the year is to spend more time reading all of the devotional books on my nightstand! I currently have a bookmark in 10 parenting/marriage/devotional/bible study/study guide books! I want to get through them and then some! 😊


What about you? I want to hear your goals for 2019! Send me a message or leave me a comment and let me know what you think of my goals!


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