3 Goals for 2019 Weddings

Oh, setting goals! My favorite college professor once told me that we all should be life-long learners! That is the inspiration behind me #LearningOutLoud blog series! I want to get better at communication, at organization, at preparation, and deliberation in every aspect of my life and I want to take you along on my study of what that looks like! Hopefully I can put some of my stream-of-consciousness writing in a way that we can work through some concepts together! Let’s get back on track! Today I’m here to talk about what I’d like to improve on with our Wedding Day Experience!

Setting the Tone on a Wedding Day

Helping the bride have a soothing experience with me as her photographer and videographer is one of my favorite ways to make her wedding day experience be incredible! I’ll do anything to help her feel her best! I’ll put out fires, I’ll scrub off an oops on the dress, I’ll tell any relative to “please give her a few minutes to compose herself”. In order to protect and foster that feeling of safety and comfort for her peace of mind! So, what do I want to change? I want to be more intentional about it! Not only do I want to help the bride have an enjoyable morning, I want to genuinely effuse joy! That looks like going to bed early, having a morning plan to get started on the right foot from devotions to nutrition, and I want to focus on having a servant heart for my couple!

Fallbrook California Wedding, Iowa wedding photographer

A Bride getting ready for the first sighting!!

Quicker Turnaround

What better way to serve my couples than to make sure they get their engagement photos within a couple weeks so that they can use them for Save-the-dates! How wonderful would it be to give a bride a sneak peek within a week so she feels elated on her honeymoon that the day that is already starting to fade in her memory was perfectly preserved! Recently I was reminded what it was like to wait on pictures that I was so excited to see, and it was rough to wait 3 weeks, 4 weeks! I know that feeling! The best think I can do to make that happen is actually my next point!

Behind-the-scene Organization!

Artist-types aren’t known for their organization and I admit, this does not come naturally to me! From closets to workspaces I would like to take time in 2019 to minimize the mess, maximize the joy, and be as time efficient as possible so I can run our business and our home as best as I can! 🙂

That being said, any of you ladies with crazy-good organization skills are welcome to give me some pointers, I’d love your advice!


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