Bridal Show tips for Brides

Here are a couple quick tips for brides going to a bridal show so that you can get the most out of your day!

Wedding Ring Photography

I love photographing wedding rings! I could shoot them all day!

Stop by every booth

Even if you’ve already planned that part of your wedding day, stop by every booth that is your style! Why? Because giveaways! Soooo many vendors have free things and there is a really good chance you can win it! Just take a few moments to stop by and look at all the little signs on their tables, one might just be a sign-up sheet for a freebie! Another reason to stop by every booth is because you never know if something were to happen with your favorite florist/photographer/Dj and you might need to have a second favorite!

Iowa wedding photographer and destination photographer Andrea Kreykes

Look for a discount from your favorite vendors!

Many Vendors have invested a lot of money to be there talking to you! They want you to book with them, so many of them will offer discounts for same day bookings or same month bookings! Now that is something to get excited about!

Take advantage of our knowledge!

Seriously! We have a cumulative lifetime know-how to planning weddings! We have answers to questions that you don’t even know that you should ask yet! Flats, heals, udos, first sighting, getting ready locations- you name it and we can tell you the pros and cons of each little decision you’ve been struggling with!

Iowa wedding videographer, Luke Kreykes

Evaluate our personality!

Go ahead, you have my permission to judge us! Haha! We will be integral parts of how your wedding day flows! Are we easy to talk to, do we make you feel valued, are we confident? The answer these questions means a lot! It’s important, especially with your photographer, that you feel free to be yourselves in front of them!


Take notes

You will be getting brochures, business cards, and probably some candy so plan ahead and bring a big purse or bag! You might also want a way to take note of your favorite vendor! They are fresh in your mind now, but in a couple of day you might not remember which florist had that perfect arrangement! Feel free to take a cell phone photo of your favorite vendors, or find them instantly on Instagram, or do it the old-fashioned way and take notes! You’ll be glad you did a couple days down the road!

hydrangea wedding bouquet

Printer labels

Newly Added Section!!
Save time when filling out all those forms and giveaways by printing off sticker labels!


Bride’s Name, Groom’s Name

Wedding date, Venue Location

Email address

Phone number

The best part is you get that extra time for talking and everything is legible! Sometimes it can be so hard to tell if something is a 1 or l (as in L) unless it is typed out!


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