Behind-the-Scenes of a Bridal Show!

Have you ever wanted a behind-the-scenes look into a bridal show for a vendor? Here it is!


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A couple late nights, a lot of planning, and a *dash* of hope!

The Planning

When we plan for a bridal show the first step in the process is to imagine the space! What do we want it to communicate to the people walking by?  Does it speak our style, is it “on brand”, does it show you our passion for what we do?

So, I start looking through all the photos I’ve taken and I analyze it, does this say romantic, joyful, loving wedding day experience? I went through picture after picture till I came across two, one intimate, and another with a stunning landscape! And I hoped that brides would love it.

Then we plan the backdrop, the logo display, the tables, and the chairs in a way that would make couples feel more comfortable stopping by our booth! Our website has a lot of black and white because “Classic” is our thing! So… the booth should represent that with a heavy dose of white with contrasting black and pops of color all the while we are aiming for our brand.

Andrea Kreykes Wedding Photographer

Classic, romantic, and lovely! <3

… and we hope that brides love it.


Next, we plan what kind of material they will interact with. Magazines, business cards, CANDY, and a Giveaway, (how could they not stop by!) 😉 Haha!  And we know that bride will love it (I mean candy!).

LARK photo and video wedding photographer

Our Magazine for Sheldon’s Crossroads Pavillion Event Center!

We even enlisted the help from our children in assembling the goody bag items! (hint: if you check under the chocolate Kiss you will see a surprise!)


Luke and I are not salespeople! We just want to talk to everyone at the bridal show and hear their story because our love story is what got us into story-telling in the first place.

Wedding Show Photographer Videographer Backdrop

The Setup

Finally, the day arrives, the video has been edited together (finished it at midnight like a fairytale!) and we load everything up into the family-van to set out on our bridal-show date (at 6am)!

We set it all up, high-five when it all works, grab some coffee, grab a muffin, talk to everyone in sight, and then it starts!

People start walking up to us and asking us questions! It’s amazing! 😊 And we hope that the brides love it, love us, because we love getting to be a part of their wedding days! We hope that we get chosen to work just as hard for them! We want to make each of those wedding days just as lovely. (sigh, I’m such a hopeless romantic!)

Iowa wedding photographer and destination photographer Andrea Kreykes

It was so much fun to meet so many wonderful people at the Sioux Center Bridal Show. From Vendors (like Makeup Artist, Jessica) to brides, to grooms (walking around with their sister who we thought was his bride), to soon-to-be brides… it was lovely! And we get to do it again! So, if you are near Orange City, Iowa this Saturday stop by and chat awhile! If you can’t tell, we would love it!

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