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You might be wondering, do I really need two photographers or two videographers to capture my wedding day? For Luke & I the answer is, Yes! We want your wedding day experience to be full of joy and that means giving you our best! When we work together as a team that is our best work! Here’s a couple more points worth looking at!


More Coverage!

Two Photographers or Two Videographers equal double the coverage! A big bonus of a second shooter is that you will get more candid shots of your guests! When one shooter is getting detail shots, the other can get candid photos of the bridesmaids finishing their make-up!

For Video, you have to take everything a photographer does and add 5 minutes to it. There is bulkier equipment, a longer hold than the shutter, we pay attention to audio, and we must relax enough that we hold our shots perfectly still otherwise there is a wiggle to the images! That slight shake is the bane of my wedding day editing!! Ha! 😊 Slow-motion helps significantly with the shake but if there are any LED lights in the room they flicker because the frequency of the light does not play nicely with the frame rate of video capturing!

More Relaxed!

We’re more relaxed and confident shooting with second photographers and second videographers and that definitely translates! A photographer & Videographer have direct contact to the bride & groom all day long! We want to always make the bride feel joyful! This is a big reason that we include a second shooter at every wedding we shoot! If you want to read more about our Wedding Packaging stay tuned for our upcomming blog post! check out our blog post here!

More Angles

When you are walking down the aisle, one gets your face the other focuses on the groom’s face! Wedding photography you just need a second to capture these important moments but in wedding videography you need to track focus through the entire processional! It’s guess work to get video footage of the bride’s face walking down the aisle and get the groom’s reaction with 1 videographer. The biggest reason for that is that everyone stands up (and block the groom) when the bride enters! I have to say, that is my favorite moment though! ❤


Are you worried about fitting everything into those 8 hours of coverage? Two Photographers means that we can get through those portraits crazy fast! It really helps that I know how to use my outdoor, mom-voice, if you know what I mean. Wrangling extended families into unnaturally-close poses happens to be my specialty! And, I do it with a smile and a twinkle in my eye. 😉

Wedding Family photos

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Do I really need a second Photographer or Videographer at my wedding?

Wedding Photographer + Videographer Luke & Andrea Kreykes

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