What if my wedding day is a Disaster?

Let me start off…

…by saying that no wedding I’ve ever been to has ever been a disaster!

(Disclaimer: NONE of the pictured weddings were disasters!!)

We have, however, encountered some snafus along the journey! (Snafu is such a fun word! /snaˈfo͞o : a confused or chaotic state).

But I’m getting away with myself! The really punch-line of this article is that whatever happens on your wedding day, just remind yourself why you are there. You aren’t there for the dress, the flowers, the side dishes, or even any of the guests. You are there to become husband & wife, and at the end of the day that will happen and that is worth celebrating! So whatever else goes awry, just remember to choose to celebrate the part of the day that’s worth celebrating! Your commitment to the person you love!! Everything else is peanuts (unless you have an allergy then NO peanuts!!).

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As a Wedding Photographer and Videographer, we don’t believe in luck! Now, before you click away, hear me out! We have seen it all! Rain in July in the California Desert in the middle of a 5-year drought 20 minutes before the outdoor ceremony was supposed to begin! I’m serious, you can’t make that up!

I’ve seen a bride forget her very-necessary underskirt 30 minutes away with portraits scheduled to begin in 5 minutes! Spoiler alert: It all turned out wonderfully! The bridesmaids said I had “the most soothing voice they ever heard”. I guess all of that late-night-newborn calming sessions paid off!

Me with my not-so-newborn baby #3!!

Don’t have Anxiety!

“Do not be anxious about anything” Phil 4:6a

Now, I’m not telling you these stories to give you anxiety! I know brides have enough of that as it is!  Luke and I have a philosophy to hope for the best but plan for any scenario! If you are a good planner, it’s a good idea to think through some scenarios that are less-than-ideal. If you aren’t a great planner, enlist some help! In our personal relationship, Luke is definitely the planner, and so he and I discuss what we might need for our equipment if it rains and then we come up with a contingency plan! Communication is key in marriage and in preparing for the wedding, so talk it over with your fiancé and hopefully they can help relieve you of your anxiety!

Pro Guy Tip: Talking + Yummy Food= Happy fiancé!!

Contingency Plans

Plan for rain, plan for blistering heat, plan for a blizzard (ok maybe not in southern California, but you get what I’m say’n). Whatever the season it is always a good idea to have a contingency plan in place for the weather being less-than-ideal. You don’t want your 90-year-old grandparents in 99 degree heat with 100% humidity! So, find a venue that helps make these back-up plans simple, or if you are having a country wedding, make sure there is an open barn if you need to go in there last minute! One way we planned for California summer heat was to have a shady outdoor venue, fans on each of the chairs, and we picked a spot closer to the ocean for the breeze. Choosing the right venue might be the best planning-for-every-scenario strategy of all!

Delta Hotel Wedding in Sioux City

Rest Easy

With the right team behind you of wedding planners, photographers, and venue coordinators; you are in good hands! We will make sure your day goes off without a hitch even if it is pouring cats and dogs outside! Not only that, Luke & I will do everything in our power to keep you calm, cool, and happy!! So, don’t worry about what might happen because at the end of the day you will be married! Husband & Wife! Yay! Oh- and we’ll make sure your images are beautiful whatever the hurdles might be!

A beautiful Wedding Day that happened to have a little rain!

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