Our Love Story

Have you ever found something that caught your interest so strongly you would pay someone else to let you do it more often? That is how I felt about Art & Travel as a young 16 year-old. I wanted to travel the world, create art, and fall in love (in that order). It turns out that when we make plans, God laughs, and this time things turned in the opposite direction of what I planned.

Part 1: Falling in love

I’ve always been fond of the phrase “wearing my heart on my sleeve” because it seemed to fit me like a glove! I’ve had a heart for loving others and I’ve always beena bit of a romantic. I think it is pretty amazing that I ended up with Luke! He’s right in all the ways I didn’t even know I needed!

Andrea many years ago <3
The early romantic!

The Set-up

When I was a sophomore at Dordt, Luke was in junior year, and that would usually mean our classes wouldn’t overlap much. But I was in a serious relationship with someone else so I changed my 4-year degree plans to a 2-year degree in Graphic Design. (I told you I wear my heart on my sleeve). It was only because I switched that I was able to get into the packed Junior-level classes! Shortly before the semester started my relationship status on Facebook switched from ‘In-a-Relationship’ to ‘Single’ and that happened to be just in time!


Photography Class

One day I walked into photography class and Luke had the most note-worthy camera on his desk! I-kid-you-not! He was sitting on the aisle and so as I walked past him, I said, “I like your camera” He said “thanks!” with a small nervous grin and a side glance. He didn’t seem that interested, so I just walked on by. He told me years down the road that at the time he was certain I was dating someone else… such a gentleman. A couple months of being friends went by and I tried again to gauge his interest so I asked him if he needed help for an upcoming film challenge. He gave me a definite “no!” Can you believe it! About a week later we ended up going on a photoshoot for an assignment. The shoot led to dinner, which led to a concert, which dragged on to a movie, that finally ended in a half-hug. I couldn’t believe it! Did he like me or didn’t he!?!

Spoiler alert: we get married!!

What to hear more from our story? Stay tuned for PART 2! 🙂


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