4 BIG Mistakes I made on Our Wedding Day + How to avoid them!

Luke & Andrea Kreykes Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day! <3 #lovebirds #2010

I didn’t have a timeline!

The morning of the wedding, we went to the location and set up all the tables and decorations! It was lovely! We didn’t have snacks planned for the people who came to help set up and we didn’t have lunch planned for the bridal party! There are so many things that weren’t planned out because we didn’t have a timeline thought through! As wedding photographers and videographers we plan out ways to be thoughtful so that way it doesn’t get missed or overlooked! Plan in food for people who will be all day! Be intentional about thank-you gifts for those who are involved in making your day perfect! As a videographer, I LOVE it when a bride takes a thoughtful moment to give not only the groom a gift, but a gift for her mom as well! Those are the moments you want to have on your wedding day! Worried about your timeline? I have a free timeline worksheet download for you! Just send me a message and I will pass it along!

Have a final dress fitting with a camera!

We added the ribbon to my dress, last minute, without trying it on and I think that small detail could have been a little smoother.

Ask yourself: what does this dress look like if I twist at the waist, bend at the waist, and if my stickies don’t stick. For those of you who don’t know what stickies are, they are the special tape that should hold your dress tight in all the right places! 😉 This is important because on my wedding day the stickies didn’t stick so the lace at the top swooped.

Plan your hair and makeup!

Don’t want to spend the extra money on a makeup artist or hair stylist trials? I get that!! But, you live with the way you looked on your wedding day for the rest of your life. Have a plan, do some test runs, bring extra hair spray/bobbie pins/ safety pins because I KNOW I would have regrets if my older and wiser sister-in-law and cousins hadn’t stepped in a did my hair and makeup! What an amazing Matron-of-honor, doing my hair right before the wedding!! Now, if only I had also had a trial run with flowers then I know we could have nailed it! This is another area that I wish I had planned in thoughtfulness! If I could go back I would definitely pay for my ladies to get their hair and makeup done! They are some of your favorite people and it makes the morning less stressful! Win, win!  We are ALL about zero stress on the wedding day!


Keep the Bridesmaid Dresses Classy!

This one is a no-brainer! These are your favorite ladies and you want to treat them right! They are also probably going to be spending some of their hard-earned cash on these dresses and you want to make sure there are no hard feelings at the end of the day! I thought I was picking something that was classic, I was wrong. I was young, I was foolish, my ladies paid $20 for them from TJMAX, they hardly ever wear them. This is a BIG one that I would change from my day! The color was right the style was earthy and feminine but they were short, poor quality material, and they were not classy. Please everyone, choose something classic! Learn from my mistakes! Below the knee, good quality material, flattering on the arms, and a silhouette that is classy. Example Here!

When you get married young and then become a wedding photographer + videographer you get a fresh perspective on what you could have done differently, even on a tiny budget!


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