Something Pretty, Made just for you!

New, straight from the packaging, a Chrystal rectangle with a rose gold lid. Pretty enough to be perfume or Jewelry, but it’s actually our Wedding Video delivery system!

That’s right! This is the prettiest USB stick around! We’ve ordered this USB drive especially for this wedding!

Why USB?

We want you to have the files! Then you can rest easy knowing that you can back them up on the cloud, make duplicates, and share these files as freely as the photography pictures we share with you! Because sharing is caring ❤ 😊 HaHa!

Our Value

We value you as a couple and want to make sure that we don’t just hand you a dvd with scribbled sharpie. Instead, we want this to be an heirloom piece that your family will keep for generations.

We have the best clients and we want to treat you that way! ❤

Rose Gold, Classic Gold, and Silver

Customizable?! Ohh! Yes! 30 days before your wedding we will send you a questionnaire that will have the option on it to select Rose Gold, Classic Yellow Gold, and Silver options for both the writing on the cover and the lid of the USB stick! The color of the linen is also customizable! Which is perfect because every wedding is unique and your delivery system will reflect that!


Hanging branch is a company of creative entrepreneurs and artists, looking to impact the world in their own way. They’ve stuck to their core values and only make products that express their own styles. We love sourcing our products from companies that care as much their creative process as we do about ours!  And they have a branch in their logo too! How cool is that!

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