Living Intentionally

A Lesson from Breakfast

This morning I had blueberries instead of sugar in my oatmeal because I’m trying to eat healthy. It’s not that I’m a crazy health guru, but it’s part of an overarching theme in my life. That I want to be intentional about what I eat, what I do, what I say, how I think, and how I spend my time.

My Best

Intentional living is one of my on-going life aspirations.  Although parts of it change from day to day, or after each “Tidying Up” Episode, one thing stays the same. I only have one life and I want to do my best with it. That means as a Photographer, I am constantly educating myself and learning new techniques! Even though I’ve been a professional for 8 years, there is always more to learn! As  mom, that means I’m balancing my work life with rasing children and giving them the love and attention that they need. It’s not the ‘easy’ way it’s the thought-filled way.

Moving Forward

Sometimes life requires a bit of planning, especially when you are a combination person. Wife/Friend/Teachers, lovely people, Daughter/ Artist/ Students, another stellar combination, and lastly my combination: Wife/Mother/Business Owner.  Although it doesn’t come naturally, planning is part of intentional living. When I want to get in shape I have to plan to have healthy food in the house, plan to wake up early to workout, and game-plan how to avoid my trigger foods to binge-eating! The same could be said about every area of life that you want to be thoughtful of.


A Good Life

Life can be made up of all the little day to day moments and it seems the bigger the occasion the more quickly it flies by and fades from memory. I remember those precious Christmas mornings as a kid, family vacations, graduations, the proposal, the wedding day, the honeymoon, having children! Such precious memories that just seem to fade away too quickly so stop, smell the roses, and be thankful. Take a moment to really feel thankful for the roses in your life: you mom, your friends, your spouse! Be intentional and reach out to them, invest in those relationships! Today, intentionally living will cuddling my children, and reading books in the tent, ordering a gift for my mom, and even baking some cookies. Happy Friday Everyone!


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