Wedding Day Reminders

Natural Light

Make sure there is a lot of natural light in the room you are getting ready in! It makes a big difference! The bigger the source of lighting, the prettier it diffuses around the face making the bride look luminescent! The best is a large window that can shed light on the entire wedding dress! So, if it is at all possible avoid a room with a small basement window & fluorescent lighting that can create racoon eyes and odd skin tones. 🙂

Have all the details together!

Have all of the jewelry ready to go, with the tags cut off! His + Her wedding rings, bouquet, veil, shoes, notes, handkerchiefs, perfume, garter, and I love having the invitation/program to create an arrangement! Having these ready to go in one spot will certainly make the detail Photography and Videography more efficient!


When planning your timeline, which I always recommend, plan in a little more time for getting ready! Better to be ahead of schedule than to feel rushed!

For Videography we love to plan an extra 15 minutes in the timeline for writing and reading a letter aloud for your fiancé! These are the last couple hours of your engagement and those feelings are so precious! It is a great idea to plan out the space ahead of time! The space you read the letter in should have a lot of natural lighting, should be quiet, and private.

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Enjoy the day! Turn off ‘planning mode’ and just have fun with it! You are getting married!! ❤


Ps. Did you know that we offer a free timeline worksheet? Send me a message and I’ll send it your way! ❤

Wedding day reminders for every bride!
-Love your Photographer + Videographer

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