Video Shoot Guide | Preparing for the shoot

Clean the space

Communication has a lot of factors to it, tone of voice, facial expression, body language, and of course words! Video communication has even more to it! We have all of those things and then we add B-roll, the visual story-telling footage. That means the spaces that we are capturing are communicating something to your audience. Just think “I’m going to have this space captured on video for the whole world to see”. What would you do to your office if the Queen of England was stopping by? That is the standard to set for yourself before the video crew arrives! Put your best foot forward. When cleaning and office or classroom picture Joanna Gaines putting the fine touches on a house in Fixer-upper. If you need any assistance with this, I’m happy to come before the shoot to help you get it polished. You absolutely want your spaces to declare that you are high quality, polished, and professional. The more attention to detail you give, the more the effort will show!


Present yourself

We always encourage everyone who is about to be on camera to be aware of how their personal imagery impacts their branding image on camera. So, ask yourself what your brand’s key words are and then dress accordingly.

High End= Suit & Tie |  Family Friendly=Polished but comfortable  | Manual Labor = Work gear


Interview tips

Spend some time the day before the shoot to think about and write down some thoughts about the company. I recommend bullet points rather than paragraphs so that you aren’t tempted to memorize your answers. Think about when the start of your involvement with the company, how it has impacted your life in personal ways, and write down a couple descriptor words.

Quiet like a library

Attention to detail makes a big difference! Have you ever looked at the credits on a movie screen? There is a whole block of people who make a living off getting the audio perfect because you don’t really notice it when it’s right but you definitely can tell when it is off. So we do our best to get clean audio because it is very difficult to clean it up in post-production. One way that you can make sure your video product is of the highest standard is to create a space to do the audio recordings in and treat it like a Movie set for the time that we are recording. Sometimes we even turn off the heating/cooling fans (if possible)! Our mics are so sensitive they can pick up the hum of a computer turned on in the same room. But with a little planning and a couple of “Please be quiet, Recording in Session” signs a lot of those recording issues can be solved!

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