A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Sometimes it can be difficult to pick out gifts that are just right for your loved ones. You have to think about what they could want by taking a look at what they use. What will make an impact on their life?


The best gifts are thoughtful and useful! As a photographer there are a couple things that I’d love every bride +groom to have because it would improve the quality of their life!

Posture corrector.

Because they way you hold your body can say so much about you and it actually makes you feel happier to have good posture. PLUS: it looks amazing in pictures to have good posture!! I’ve kinda been begging Luke for one of these because I know I need one! 😊

 This one is from Apple so of course it looks amazing!

Yetti Mug

Luke received one of these for Christmas and I borrow it all the time. They are great for keeping warm things hot and cold things cool. Need I say more? Probably not but I will. Pair a Yetti Mug set with a beautiful picnic dinner out in the middle of nowhere with plush blankets and you have yourself the perfect Valentine’s Day!

*Full disclaimer: I’m a huge fan of picnics and if you want to hear about that read our love story here!

Whaaaat? Yeah those are super practical but I still really like them… and I’m a romantic! Ok, maybe you should pair them with some sweet thing like maybe chocolate and maybe a flower or two…

  – or – 


Plan out a whole year’s worth of date nights and gift them to your fiancé! Who wouldn’t love intentional thoughtfulness that was planned out months in advance? To keep it extra special, make every date different. Some could be concerts and others could be icecream in the truck with a view! 😉 Either way I think anyone in the world would love this gift!

Special Note: You might want the month before the wedding to be a stress-relief date. Think: spa, facials, or a massage!

Something Handmade!

There is something very special about handmade items. I love it when my husband and I worked together to craft our hall tree! We also love places like Pressed Jewelry in Spencer who hand-crafts their jewelry. They also do custom work so you can make sure you are giving a gift that speaks to your loved one’s heart!

What about you guys? Do you have any great ideas for Valentine’s day?? If so, leave them in the comments below and maybe I’ll add them to the blog! 🙂

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