Our Love Story- The Proposal

One of our favorite dates was going on picnic lunches at the local park.  Roasted chicken, crusty bread, cheese, and tea. We bonded over good food and good conversation. That seems to be a theme in our life! Our humble picnics were romantic, rustic, and I still love them a decade down the road!

Look at us in 2009!

There was one day in late summer where Luke asked me if I was free on September 24, 2009.

He asked me 3 weeks in advance which just gave me a hunch it was going to be a special day! We picked apples from a local orchard, and then we stopped an had a picnic lunch at the prettiest park around.

After lunch we were sitting on a bench by a beautiful overlook and I waited.


But he didn’t propose! I couldn’t believe it!

So, we went for a hike and I must say I was a little quieter than usual. (Read that: confused and a little disappointed)

We headed up a hill to a lookout tower.  It was there, on the top of the look-out tower, that Luke got down on one-knee and asked me to marry him. I said “Yes!”

Wedding Photography and Videography Couple, Luke and Andrea Kreykes

Like most of life, things don’t always go as expected.

It also seems to be a pattern in my life that if I pull one way the Lord pushes in another direction, constantly leading as I stubbornly follow. It’s a dance that Luke and I have tangoed together too: strong stubborn personality gently led by calm kind (equally stubborn) personality. Every time I don’t get my way, I always have to stop and remind myself that I don’t see the whole picture. There is always a lesson to learn from following and trusting.

Wedding Photography and Videography Sioux City Iowa

Look at how young we are!! And those outfits!!

If you have ever seen me photograph a large group of people, you will notice that being in control and telling others what to do comes pretty naturally to me. If you have ever seen Luke publicly speak, you will notice that does not come naturally to him. It’s a beautiful picture when we both acknowledge each other’s strengths and work together with them. He still leads, even if I’m the vocalist. Like the drummer in the background setting the rhythm for the vocals to follow, his constant strength and beat is the rhythm I sing to. It might not be the most traditional combination of strengths and it took some time to figure out our marriage roles together, but I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Engagment Photos for Wedding Photographer and Videographer Luke and Andrea Kreykes Corporate Photography

Thanks for reading a bit about our love story and our personalities! If you want to read more about how this city girl + country boy navigated our first years of married life stay tuned! Part 3 is coming soon!


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