School Commercial

Zion St. John Lutheran School is a new discovery for me, only 20 miles from our country house. I had the great pleasure of getting to know the staff and students there as we filmed this commercial for them!

With some excellent planning and great communication, the school organized a morning of filming that really showcased their strengths! They have excellent teacher to student ratios and, most importantly, it felt like a place filled with love and joy!

As always, press play on the highest quality, please allow the link to load, turn up your volume, and enjoy!

Fun Facts!

There is a lot that goes into planning a commercial video shoot! There is a lot of work on the teacher and school’s side as they help prepare the location to make it photo-worthy! Then the morning of the shoot we talk to the children about not looking directly at the camera throughout the day. Lastly, there is the editing through hours of footage to trim it down by 90%! When we shoot corporate videos, we like to be selective of what clips make the final cut so our rule of thumb is to have 2x the amount of “b-roll” footage as we need! “B-roll” is all the footage you see when you aren’t looking at the person talking. That’s 100% of commercials edited with voice over rather than interview audio!

Want to Know More?

Our local 30 second commercial rates start for under $400! Contact us to find out how we can plan a shoot and get your commercial out to the community!

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