Crossroads Pavilion Event Center – Vendor Highlight!

You guys! Have you seen the beautiful wedding location in Sheldon, IA?

Crossroads Pavilion Event Center

There a big windows that add a ton of light, some stone work that is stunning, and even a lake to photograph by! It’s lovely! Crossroads Pavilion Event Center is a great choice for local brides!


Check out this short video with some beautiful shots of the location! We have the most amazing couples who book with us!  While you are watching, check out the beautiful lighting in the bride’s dressing room! So pretty!

Please turn up your volume and set the video playback to the hightest quality! Thanks!


I’m so excited to announce that we are working with Crossroads Pavilion Event Center to help your wedding day planning go even more smoothly! Crossroads Pavilion is a high-quality venue that is just a few minutes from us and that makes this partnership even more exciting! If you are planning on booking with Crossroads Pavilion for a wedding in 2020, be sure to reach out to us to see exactly what our co-booking rate is!

What to look for in a Venue

It is really true that a photographer can make or break your wedding. If the photographer is anxious, or worse, grouchy; what a huge impact that would be on your day! To some degree, ever vendor you work with on your day impacts the day! That is why it’s so important to pick good quality vendors who have a lot of experience and who are generally nice people.

Want to learn more? Check out their website at:


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