Andres+ Anna

I had just gotten my settings ready for the first picture and before I had a chance to say anything, Andres drops to one knee and gives his future bride a surprise! The engagement ring!! With some sweet words of love, he put the ring on her finger and they embraced! It was such a special moment and what a surprise!! I love proposals and romantic gestures!


Vibrant festive red is the color of passion, love, and romance. Naturally, I love it. I love the way it pops against the verdant green of an Iowa summer! There is so much to love about this sweet engagement session and that color symbolizes all of it! Their love was cheery and bright like a summer day! Like a bright splash of salsa on a perfectly made taco! (Is anyone else watching ‘Taco Chronicles’ on Netflix? Because I haven’t stopped craving a perfectly made taco for days!! I think my San Diego origins might have made me a little bit of a taco connoisseur because I will never feel satisfied with Taco John’s. Ok. Taco rant done. Back to the engagement!)

I felt like these two were old friends that I had just met for the second time! We laughed till the tears came and we swept through these engagement photos in a blur of jokes and comradery!

Anna is one of those ladies who takes everything with a calm grace. She and Andres together have a wonderful dynamic of laughter, kindness, and friendship!

Their wedding is just over a week away and I’m so excited that we get to be part of their celebration!


Andres+ Anna

You guys!! Thank you for being the highlight of my Friday night! I hope that you guys get the chance to rest and relax this week as the big day quickly approaches! Thank you so much for trusting us to take your wedding photos! <3 It’s going to be so much fun!



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