Ben + Brianne | An Engagement Session

On a warm, sunny, Tuesday evening these two beautiful individuals dropped by our farmhouse to meet up for their engagement session. Brianne was in a beautiful blue floral gown with these pretty heels that just photographed perfectly! But the thing that really stole the show wasn’t the photo-bombing butterflies, it was the way that Ben looked at her!

It’s pretty rare to find a person who is so sweet they have a contagious smile and joy. They are always putting others first in graceful selflessness.

Well Ben is pretty lucky because he found someone just like that. Brianne is the type of person you meet once and you look forward to seeing them again because they are such a joy! They way that these two moved together felt like they were in sync.
On a 100 degree night sometimes it can be difficult to put on long pants and then cuddle in the warm air WHILE actually having a great time, but these two accomplished that and more! It is always a good sign when a couple laughs at all my silly jokes and teasing! Ben and Brianne laughed and then they gave some back just as good! It was fantastic! I can’t wait till we get to be a part of their beautiful wedding day to witness their vows! Their love story is certainly worth celebrating! ❤

A thousand words could not describe this picture!

Picture This: True Love

A thousand words could not describe this engagment photography session.

When you look through the lenz and see this!!

It's hard to even picture a love as beautiful as this!

Most beautiful engagement photos ever in Spencer Iowa!

Spencer Iowa engagment and wedding photography!

Can you picture a love like this! Engagment and Wedding Photography in Spencer Iowa!

A thousand words could not describe how beautiful this couple is!

Beautiful engagment photography session!

Lovely engagement photography session in Spencer Iowa

Iconic Iowa countryside engagment photography session!

Film look engagement photos in Spencer Iowa!

Golden hour engagement and wedding photography session in Iowa!

Brianne + Ben

Thank you so much for letting us spend the evening with you! You both have a rare gift of being beautiful individuals that light each other up! We are thankful for getting to witness your love and can’t wait till the wedding day!!

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