A Love Story| Engagment Photo + Video

Their love started on a bus when they were in elementary. He always wanted to sit by her on their way to school.

We stood out in the trees on a warm summer night and he told me about how he loved her heart, I started to cry. This is a love story that I’ll never forget filming. I brought along my camera to take a few photos to go in the blog post and I didn’t know I’d be so inspired by these two that I’d take a couple hundred instead!


Wedding Videography

A couple months ago, Luke and I announced that our company would be now offering engagement videos called “Love stories”. I hoped that we would find some people who shared kindred spirits and hear about how they fell in love! I wanted to encourage couples to capture those engagement feelings because by this time next year, everything will be different! I wanted to create a video that would celebrate where each couple was at and the road they took to get there.

As always, please: turn up your volume, click play and allow to load, make sure the video is at the highest quality, make it full screen, and enjoy!

Wedding and Engagement Video

“ I started riding his bus in about 4th or 5th grade and that is how we got to know each other, on the bus in 5th grade”

“He always tried to sit by me..”

Wedding Photography

“Melinda always has… an uplifting smile… she’s never really mean to anybody.”

Iowa, California Wedding Video

“Treyton’s blue eyes always got the best of me… they are always so cute and so blue”

Wedding Video

Iowa and California Wedding and Engagment Videos

Behind the scenes Love story engagement videography

“We kind of had some little puppy love till we started dating December 4, 2015. We were both 16 at the time”

The Proposal

Him: “I asked her parents 2 days before I proposed and I thought I was going to wait a little longer but then I couldn’t wait any longer.”

Him: “I wrote ‘Marry Me’ on the walls”

Her:“I just remember scream’n and saying yes”

Him: “We don’t really remember what happened after that..”

Behind the scenes Love story engagement videography

Melinda + Treyton

You guys are such gems! It was so much fun to get to know you both and hear about your story! They way that you two are together is so special! I hope that sparkle of love in your eyes just gets brighter every day! It’s clear to Luke and I that your lives are sweeter with each other in it! Thanks for letting us be a small part of it! <3

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