Hartley Family Pictures

Is there anything as sweet as the love of family? A mom kissing her daughter. A father smiling at his son. A grandparent who enjoys watching their grandson discover and delight in a train toy. There are so many moments in our everyday life where family makes it better. We can sometimes become so accustomed to their familiar presence it’s easy to forget just how precious each family member is. This shoot by Hartley, IA made me miss my family back in California but it also reminded me to love and treasure the family I have right here.

When the ladies went shopping for the family clothes for this session they were asked if the little girls were twins! Only months apart, these two smiley cousins were so much fun to capture!

They wore coordinated polka-dot onesies that were precious! From the dimples in their elbows to their gummy grins, I loved taking pictures of these two!

family pictures

Above: ‘Grandpa’ and ‘Grandma’ in a warm embrace with the long Iowa horizon in the distance. They certainly didn’t shy away from a couple cuddly poses and their fun relationship is what young couples like us look up to.

Below: One of my favorite things is involved fathers that are comfortable loving on their children. They take the time to make their children have a childhood full of imagination and love. These two daddies had a twinkle in their eye when it came to their littles. From kisses on sweet baby cheeks to flying airplane circles, these daddies were fantastic!


sunset family pictures

family portraits

long grass family pictures

Van Otterloo Family,

Thank you so much for strolling through the beautiful park with us, allowing us to capture some family memories! We loved getting to know you all better and It was so much fun to play with those little honeys to get some picture of your growing families! You guys are a really special family filled with love and genuine kindness!


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