Sheldon Iowa Senior Photos

My favorite kind of nights are filled with laughter, poise, and time with some jogging shoes. This senior session in Sheldon, Iowa had all of that.  Whitney is the kind of senior that feels like an old soul because she takes things in stride and added so much peace to the whole session. This girl definitely earned a zero-drama star! 😊

I also really appreciated how Whitney and her mom Wendi laughed at my jokes, joked along side me, and had fun with every part of it! Wendi found some really unique places to take some pictures and they both let me lead them ‘into the long grass’ to get some dreamy golden-hour photos.

Senior year of highschool is such a big place of decisions, crossroads, and growth and that makes senior photos really special to me. I look back on my senior year and there has been so much growth in the last dozen years since I graduated! I found my passion in photography, I added a love of videography to that mix in college (thanks Luke), and I realized my calling of being both mom and entrepreneur, Homemaker and business operator. I love the different facets of my life and I can’t believe all the change that happens in those post-high school years. I’m so excited for where Whitney’s years will take her! She has a good head on her shoulders and such a bright and promising future! And, if you have the chance, please take some time to see this young lady run. It certainly makes me want to go the extra mile!

Did you happen to see her in our recent Western Video? Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out here!


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