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Making a video sometimes feels like painting a portrait.

This Western Christian Video Project felt like one of those kinds of projects. We had the pleasure of interviewing a list of different individuals that ranged in age from highschooler to late 90-year-old. They all had different stories to tell and it was an honor to weave those stories into a 5-minute piece about Western Christian High School in Hull, Iowa.

Without further delay, here it is!

Please make the video full screen, turn up your volume, set it to highest quality, and allow it to load before playing. Thank you!

Like I said before, sometimes video production feels like weaving a digital visual portrait. Complex and multi-layered. Back in college I took a number of fine art classes and I loved painting. My favorite medium is watercolor and I could paint all day with pleasure! Flowers, landscapes, words, oh there was always so much to be inspired about! But, there has always been one item that struck me as particularly difficult; portraits. What a personal thing to study the lines of a person’s face. To take the mental measure of their features and declare them to the world! It is no light thing to look into a person’s eyes and accept their imperfections along with their beauty. To take it farther is to not only accept them but the embrace them, to show them for who they are and their potential to grow.

Something you might not know about videos is that you use about 10% of the interview footage you take. You use around 20% of the b-roll (or images that don’t contain the speaker). That means I could probably stick it all together and have a 4-5 hour film of material that didn’t make it into the final cut. Why? Because when you only get 5 minutes to say something you have to really articulate what point you are trying to get across.  It’s not easy when you love every bit of it to cut something out, but that is what editing is. Like a tailor removing pieces of fine fabric from an over-sized sports coat, we trim away the high quality material to make it the best fit.

Do you have any questions for me after watching the video and reading our humble blog? Send me a message or comment on the post below! Most of all, I hope you have a lovely day!

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