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When you first start planning your wedding day there are a lot of new things to learn! I just want to say, you aren’t alone! There are so many amazing individuals in the wedding industry that are excited to come alongside of you to help you plan your wedding day! That is one of the reasons we have started to feature some vendors right here on our blog! This gives you an inside look into the people and places that shape your wedding day!

Today we are featuring Heather from Crossroads Pavilion Event Center in Sheldon, IA. She is so nice and helpful and I know that you will love getting to know her better!

Heather from Crossroads Pavilion

Heather from Crossroads Pavilion Event Center in Sheldon, IA.


Heather Jacobs

Wedding Photographer at Crossroads Pavilion Event Center

Did you know that there is a lovely pond on the south side of the event center?

Where do you work and what do you do?

I’m the Assistant General Manager at the Crossroads Pavilion Event Center in Sheldon. I manage all of the event details for upcoming events, schedule and manage staff, order supplies, and basically just make sure that everything comes together for each event. I also do all of the posting on social media and I work on planning special events that we host ourselves at the event center.

Where are you located?

Sheldon Iowa

What attracted to your industry?

Initially, in High school I became interested in Event Planning because I started planning a Homeschool Formal for the Homeschool group in my area for 3 years in a row. I also had the idea that one day I would like to work for a church, planning events and outreach programs (which works well because my husband wants to be a pastor). I got my event management degree at Iowa State, and through learning about all of the different facets in the event planning industry, I became the most interested in Weddings. After I got married I moved to Orange City with my husband so he could finish his degree at Dordt and I looked for jobs in the wedding industry. I was very lucky to find this job at the Crossroads Pavilion not long after moving to Orange city.


What do you love about what you do?

I like working with weddings because I like working with clients on events that are really special to them. I like to see couples in love having the best night of their life celebrating their love with friends and family. Weddings are completely different than any other event because this is usually a once in a lifetime event for each couple, and I love being a part of making that special for them.

We have a great staff so I like working with them on all of the events. I love the building that I work in because I genuinely believe it’s one of the best in the area which makes it really easy to sell to clients. I like working on all of the details for events because I love details and organizing things.

Bride looking out at the lake view.

If there was one bit of advice that you could give to ladies planning a wedding, what would it be?

Oh boy do I love giving wedding planning advice! If any bride has questions on anything regarding wedding planning feel free to call me! The most important things I would tell a bride are these: Great weddings are ones that are enjoyable for everyone there. If you’re only focused on how the wedding will look then, you may be forgetting about practical things that could be really important for the guests experience. Top things to think about: Timing, Space, Temperature, Food, Entertainment. Timing: Don’t keep your guests waiting, keep the day moving at a good pace so you give enough time for everything, but also keep things moving so your guests don’t get bored. Space: Pick a venue big enough so your guests won’t be cramped. Temperature: Make sure your venue has air conditioning/heat. Food: Guests usually remember the food and the entertainment at weddings, so make sure to get a good caterer. Entertainment: I think that finding a good DJ is really important, not only to entertain but also to coordinate the evening to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Things I learned from my wedding: Get your hair done up rather than leaving it down because most likely it will not look as good by the time you get to the reception if its down. Also plan plenty of time for photos because it’s nice to be able to take breaks in between taking photos, so start as early as you can to make sure you get all the pictures you want.

Finally, If you’re looking for recommendations on vendors, honestly your venue manager would be the best person to ask because we work with all different kinds of vendors on a consistent basis so we have a good idea of who is the best.

Crossroads pavilion event center, Sheldon Iowa

Can a duet look any cuter?!?


What is your favorite part of a wedding day?

My favorite part as a manager at the wedding is when the bride and groom walk into their reception and everyone cheers for them! My favorite part of my wedding was also getting to the reception and just being able to relax because the most stressful parts are over and now you can just have fun!

What is your favorite part about your venue?

I think the best parts about the venue is its an open layout so you can fit everything into one room without anything blocking the view, we have very high ceilings so it gives the illusion that the space is even bigger than it is, the architecture is so beautiful that you really don’t need to decorate as much as you may have to in other venues, we have floor to ceiling windows that let in lots of natural light, and we have a beautiful view of a pond and blue sky outside the windows.

What are your favorite words to describe yourself?

Efficient, Diligent, Organized, Empathetic

What are your favorite words to describe Crossroads Pavilion Event Center?

Romantic, Stunning, Enchanting, Sensational

If you could pick a (fun) super power what would it be?

Well I’m all about efficiency so I’d probably choose teleporting so I could get places fast haha. (Then I also wouldn’t have to drive half an hour to work every day)

Crossroads Pavilion Event Center Ceilings. Iowa Wedding Photographer

Their ceilings are fantastic!!

How could someone contact you for more information?

You can email me at of call the event center at 712-631-4336

Heather- Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions! I love giving brides the chance to get to know the vendors before the big day! I loved how you worked so diligently to bring all these details together for the styled shoot! You rock!



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