Sheldon Iowa Wedding Highlight Video

The number of times that Rebekah giggled today was un-countable! Every other second, her joy bubbled out and we couldn’t help but smile along with her! It was contagious and beautiful!  If I could relive one thing from this wedding day it would be those first letters. Every time I hear them (and it’s probably been 30x with the editing process) I still get a little misty-eyed! The way they have built a family together is so full of love and joy!

Some of my favorite details of the day: It was Rebekah’s parent’s 50th Wedding anniversary! Talk about a tribute to them!! Her brother officiated the wedding and he even got a little choked up while he was speaking! (Be still my heart! I love caring siblings!) Lastly, these two were so full of love for others that one of the groomsmen took my camera from me and then sent me onto the dance floor to celebrate with the two of them!!

Just wait a moment… I’m over here… not crying.
Seriously! *I’m not crying, your crying!* (haha)


Now it’s time for you to watch the video! Send them some love and leave a comment on the video on Facebook! ❤

Crossroads Pavilion Event Center Wedding Video!

As always, press play then pause, allow to load, set video quality to the highest setting, turn on your volume, set it to full-screen mode, and enjoy!


Want to see a couple more details from their day?? We snapped a couple photos of the details and the space to share with you all! We still have their wedding gifts of the glass mugs in our house and we can’t wait to hang them up under our open shelves after our impromptu- kitchen remodel is done! Want to hear more about our personal lives?? Follow us on instagram for all the deets! Can’t wait to chat with you!

Vendor Shout- Out

Florist: Ground effects from Sioux Center.
    They did a great job with the flowers! So Pretty!
American Refromed Church, Primgahr
Crossroads pavilion event center in Sheldon. Heather Jacobs:
   Such a beautiful location! I can’t say enough good things about Heather!
    Lee is sooo good! As a videographer we really can see the value of a good DJ! They can make or break the dance-flow of the night and these guys nail it every time!

Photographer: A thousand words,

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