About Us

Our business started the same year we married - 2010 - and we run it the same way we do the rest of our lives, together. Marriage is often a dance of his & hers and figuring out everything into those categories and the business is the same way! The way we fit is that he is the technical one and I'm the creative editor. I love how we work together because we both have strengths that are suited to compliment eachother.

How We Met

We met at Dordt College during, can you guess?..., photography class! I started talking to him because I thought he had a really cool lens and the rest, as they say, is history. We continued taking different classes together including Film Production and animation. The first time we really talked was because the teacher of the class didn't know the answer to my question so he told me to "go ask the blonde overachiever." That certainly still personifies Luke. 🙂 -Written by Andrea


Luke Kreykes

Videographer, Photographer, Technician 

Luke works full time with Video Production and Editing. He has won several awards for his work over the last 8 years including several Gold & Silver Magellan Awards.

Fun Note: Not only is he really good with a camera but he is also very handy and built a front porch on our home last year.


Andrea Kreykes

Photographer, Videographer, and Editor

Andrea works full time as a stay-at-home mom to our three children and also has a passion for Photography and Video Production. She has worked for a Platinum Marcom Award and has collaborated on several award winning projects.

Fun Fact: Andrea's other great skill is cooking food straight from her large garden and homemaking, specifically decorating.