Family Portraits

When we schedule family photos we set aside over an hour to walk around with your family, get you to smile, and get to know you. I always leave a photoshoot smiling.


Newborn Photography

Taking pictures of newborns includes a lot of calm slow movements, cooing at their cute little faces, and many diaper changes.

Senior Photos

This hour-long session includes unlimited outfit changes and locations. There are different options for touch-ups that vary from a natural look to airbrushed perfection- all you have to do is pick. This is such a fun experience and I can't wait to document this exciting time of life.



A custom spot tailored to your style. We also do multiple locations and backgrounds within each selection.

Digital Album

Photos provided in a digital album online. That means that you can share that album, order prints, and download digital files all from one location.

Editing Included

We do our finished editing by hand, one. photo. at. a. time. that means you have a fine tuned image that will look just as good on your living room wall as it does on your Facebook wall.

Customer Satisfaction Priority

We value and care about every one of the people in front of our camera and we take great pride in making you, our customer, feel comfortable during the shoot and happy with the finished photos.

Professional Re-touching

Everyone says the camera adds 10 lbs and sometimes if feels like it adds 10 years so pick this add-on as the perfect fix.

Digital Files Included

When you purchase any of our Portrait packages you will get the digital files from you session included in the cost!


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We are excited to get to know you!

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